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2023 Mar 14
AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

The first branch in the New Territories (the second branch in Hong Kong) of " KOMEDA'S Coffee " will be launched in AEON Tuen Mun Shop in June

The first " KOMEDA'S Coffee " in Hong Kong launched in October last year at AEON STYLE Whampoa. Since the opening of the shop, it has been loved by customers. In order to allow more customers to taste the delicious food from Nagoya, "KOMEDA'S Coffee" will enter AEON Tuen Mun in June this year. It will be the first branch in the New Territories and the second branch in Hong Kong. The decoration will follow the traditional design style of the Japanese store, using wood color as the main tone to create a comfortable and casual feeling. For the menu, the featured breakfast set of " KOMEDA'S Coffee " will be provided; as long as you purchase any coffee or drink, you will be served with thick toast set together with red bean puree, egg salad or boiled egg. For desserts, the most representative dessert " Shiro Noir”will be provided, the fluffy Danish bread with milk ice cream looks great and yummy! Various delicious food with the signature KOMEDA coffee will let you experience the deliciousness from Nagoya, Japan!

AEON Hong Kong and KOMEDA Co., Ltd. entered into a regional franchise agreement, with the aim of operating the business of " KOMEDA'S Coffee" in Hong Kong. " KOMEDA'S Coffee " is a full-service coffee shop chain that originated in Nagoya, the birthplace of Japanese coffee shop culture. Since its establishment in 1968, it aims to provide customers with " the most relaxing place".

KOMEDA'S Coffee AEON Tuen Mun Shop


G/F, AEON, Phase1, Tuen Mun Town Plaza, 1 Tuen Shun Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories

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