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2023 Aug 23
AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

AEON Awarded Gold Award in GS1 Quality Food Traceability Scheme 2023

AEON has always strived for more efficient, visible and safer supply chains to make possible business optimization and value creation. We are honored to be awarded "Gold Award" of the GS1 Quality Food Traceability Scheme 2023. The award presentation ceremony was held on 23 August.

GS1 Hong Kong is a not-for-profit organization that has been proactively promoting global standards, best practices and enabling technologies in the arena of global value and supply chain management. This award is to appreciate and recognize AEON which demonstrates excellence in food traceability practices, including the effective adoption of international standards and technology for its food management systems to enable high level of traceability with the ultimate goal of serving better and safer food to the consumers. AEON is honored to be affirmed and will continue to pursue excellence.

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About AEON Stores
AEON Stores was established in Hong Kong in 1985 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1994. The Group is mainly engaged in the operation of general retail businesses (General Merchandise Stores and Independent Supermarkets). Currently, it operates 10 GMS, 2 independent supermarkets, 30 independent Living PLAZA by AEON, 32 independent Daiso Japan, 1 independent Bento Express by AEON and 4 Mono Mono and 4 KOMEDA'S Coffee in densely populated districts in Hong Kong. It also operates 21 GMS and 15 independent supermarkets in Guangdong Province, the PRC.

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