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2023 Oct 19
AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

AEON Volunteer Team: Invasive Plants Removal Activity at Mai Po Nature Reserve

On October 19th, the AEON Volunteer Team visited the Mai Po Nature Reserve managed by WWF HK. They acted as rangers and participated in works of removing harmful species, contributing to the conservation of the natural environment.

AEON has always been dedicated to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and regularly organizes volunteer teams to engage in various environmental activities, making contributions to the sustainable development of society. Under the guidance of WWF staff, AEON volunteers diligently removed over six large buckets of Mikania, allowing the plants in the reserve to grow healthily.

One of the invasive plants in the area is the Mikania, a climbing plant that grows rapidly and covers other plants, obstructing their access to sunlight and causing them to wither, thus damaging the ecosystem. Removing harmful plants such as Mikania helps maintain ecological balance and biodiversity within the reserve, attracting a diverse range of animals, including migratory birds, to inhabit Mai Po.

Through this volunteering activity, the aim is to convey the message of "environmental conservation" and enhance participants' knowledge and awareness of ecological preservation, enabling them to pass on the knowledge to the others around and create a greater impact.

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